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Service hours: 9am – 5pm(except Saturdays,Sundays and holidays)

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Business

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by direct deposit or credit card. The direct deposit fee is to be paid by you.

Returns, exchanges, and cancellations.

We cannot accept returns or exchanges except in the case of defective items.
Nor can we accept cancellations on items on which work has already begun.

Can you ship directly to the site of installation?

Yes, we can.
We will deliver your order to the location you designate.

About Our Products and Services

Do pale colors and photographs print well?

We can produce something close to what you have in mind by using the best printing method for the design.
Please don’t hesitate to consult with us.

Doesn’t the finished product turn out the same wherever you order from?

Depending on the design and specifications, it might not look any different.
Still, we’re confident of our high quality because of our unrivalled attention to detail.

How do silkscreen printing and inkjet printing differ?

Silkscreen printing involves making plates to print with. Inkjet printing does not require the making of plates; instead, printing is done directly.
Each method has its own properties and recommended uses. SAPTI recommends the method best suited to each job.
For further information see How Printing Methods Differ. >>

Can the same design be printed on paper?

Yes, it can, though the hues may differ depending on the printing equipment and material.

Can you help me make a tapestry for hobby purposes?

Yes, we can, except if it may infringe copyright.

We’re located a long way from you. Can you still perform installation for us?

Yes, we can. We have a network of installers all over Japan. Please feel free to contact us.
For further information see Installation Support.>>

I’m new to this field. Is that going to be a problem?

You’ll be okay as long as you talk to us. We’ll carefully answer every one of your questions.

We don’t have an in-house designer, so we can’t prepare a data file.

The design work can be done based on a hand-drawn sketch.
You can leave the design to us if it’s not too complicated.

We have a definite idea of the kind of promotion we want to do. Can you give us advice on presentation?

Certainly. First let us know the overall concept you have in mind or where you want to install the banner.

In what format should data be submitted?

Please submit your data in Illustrator, Photoshop, or similar format.

How long do your products last?

Typically around three months, though they may be less durable depending on weather and other factors.

What materials are available?

Mainly such materials as polyester, cotton, and tarpaulin.

Can you provide color proofs?

Can you provide color proofs?

Are your products washable?

No, they aren’t.

About sizes

Because fabric expands and contracts, actual dimensions may differ slightly from the designated size.

We’d like your advice. Can you visit our office?

A member of our sales team will visit you if you’re not too far away. Please contact us for details.
For further information see Contact Us. >>

Media interviews

Do you accept media interviews?

Absolutely. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
For further information see Contact Us. >>

Pricing and Delivery

Do you have a price list?

No, we provide individual price quotes instead, as prices may vary depending on printing conditions and time of year. Please contact us for details.
For further information see Contact Us. >>

Is there a discount for large orders?

It depends on the size of the order.
Please contact us for details.
For further information see Contact Us. >>

Does the price vary by the number of colors?

That depends on the printing method.
It doesn’t vary in the case of inkjet printing.

What is the usual lead time?

Typically one to two weeks, but please let us know if you’re in a hurry.