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Our Business

We breathe new life into commerce and culture through textile media.

We’ve been in the printing business since our foundation, and we have many proud achievements to our name when it comes to producing commercial advertising media.These include traditional banners of all types and sizes, as well as flags and tapestries. Nor would any account of our history be complete without mention of the art of dyeing, in which craftsmanship plays a vital role.
When producing advertising or supplying promotional materials, we’re able to offer an effective overall plan tailored to any situation by applying techniques rooted in tradition and history coupled with the latest technology.


Commercial Advertising Media

Production is integrated from printing through finishing, and quality control is performed to ensure high quality and consistency at all times.


The Art of Dyeing

We’ve been involved in making items rooted in Japanese traditional culture and history since our foundation. Those include the Japanese flag, as well as curtains and banners for countless Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.


All About Textile Media

Learn about the properties of textile media and how printing techniques differ.


Comprehensive Promotional Solutions

We design comprehensive promotional campaigns for both indoors and outdoors.

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