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Service hours: 9am – 5pm(except Saturdays,Sundays and holidays)

Factory Tours

Come visit our factory and see the difference for yourself.

About Our Factory Tours

Recommended for:

  • Corporate designers and sales reps as part of their training
  • Members of the community on field trips
  • Anyone else interested in visiting, whether individually or in a group

Our factory in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, offers tours at any time.
Here all our production operations are integrated, including silkscreen printing (using large-sized textile printing machines), inkjet printing, and hand dyeing. Printing on textile media differs from printing on paper in the processes and methods used — which doubtless leaves many designers and sales representatives baffled. We hope that getting a firsthand look at the actual production line will help such people during the creative process.
Visits by individuals and groups are also welcome.

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9 am-5 pm (except Sundays and holidays)

Factory Tours
Factory Tours